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Established in 2017 in the Canadian City of Halifax, Nova Scotia, N.S.K.D originated with a small team of creative individuals with an affinity for premium quality and innovative design.


Over time, this core group grew to define the N.S.K.D brand and culture. Since its inception, the company has built its reputation on selling a unique selection of lifestyle goods as well as launching its own line of products from July.


N.S.K.D carries products from brands such as Supreme, Bape, Palace, Anti Social Social Club, Kanye West Merch, Kaws, VLone and more. Additionally, N.S.K.D served as a consignment store for both buyers and sellers of streetwear.


Website Design


My friend Anton and his working partners started their own business in 2017. They are a group of young people who like “fashion wear "brand and street culture. 


To design their official website, I need to fully understand their brand, style, and Target consumers. I spent a couple of days stay with them in their local shop to do the primary research including user survey, and individual interviews. 


After the research, I identified 4 keywords for their brand. I use their photos as elements designed a series of posters to show their spirit and style. Poster designing helped me having a deeper understanding of their brand.


This web was designed in an avant-garde, creative, professional and lively way. Blue and black were chosen as the main color for the web to bold the uniqueness of their brand. The dark tones also made products more outstanding on the

page. The home page gives visitors a strong impression of N.S.K.D site's style.