Freshook is an app to buy and sell locally. The App targets on 3 different types of users:


General user: 

They could identify all the Chinese restaurants and supermarket accurately through this App. General users could easily find the products that on sale and get a coupon on this app.


Local restaurants:

We look forward to cooperation opportunities with local restaurants at Halifax. The App provides a platform for E-Business to exist. All the local restaurants, especially new restaurants could post their chef's special on this app and sell their products easily.


Personal advertiser:

Based on previous first-stage research, we found that Personal advertising has a huge market in the area. So we created a function that allows people to post their own ads, promote their business, or buy and sell their own personal belongings on the app.


My responsibilities:


Wireframe, visual design, usability testing, and motion design. I also get involved in primary research including user survey, and individual interviews.


1. User Flow Diagram


Based on previous first-stage research and discussion with the team, I built a user flow diagrams to identify the structure of this app and tried to visualize the complexity of the task.


2. Wireframe


Then, I discussed with the developer team to further determine the functionality of the App. Once we finalized the user task flow, I started making the wireframe and made sure the functionality of every section in the application clearer.


3. Usability Testing.


We invited 6 targeted users to test Freshook to Identify usability issues in different sections of the App.


4. Iconography


To give personality to the app, I also Designed custom icons that reflected the fun, sociable and unique side of Freshook, with simple shapes and yellow color.


5. User-interface design 


I Identified usability issues in different sections and provided user-friendly mock-ups. I also continuously improved front-end innovation and usability qualities by performing user research, and testing. 



My design purpose:


Make it simple: keep the main functions, cut unnecessary fields from the last vision of design.



Make it clear: replace icons with labels, increase readability by increasing font size and color contrast.


Follow design pattern for them: Learn their behaviors and understand the design constraints for them.