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Zoe Wu


“Designing for the future, informed by the past, and grounded in the present”

As a designer with 7 years of experience in digital marketing, I am committed to understanding design principles and market trends to create effective solutions that meet my clients' needs. I have a deep understanding of client analysis, working closely with clients to develop customized solutions that exceed their expectations.

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“Designing for the future, informed by the past, and grounded in the present”

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As a seasoned multimedia designer with over 7 years of experience in the industry, I am well-equipped to handle a variety of design challenges. Throughout my career, I have contributed to a wide range of projects, including serving as a design lead, digital marketing manager, product designer, and senior web & digital marketing designer.

My expertise extends across all stages of the design process, from conceptualization to final execution, and I possess a diverse skill set that includes graphic design, branding design, animation making, and video editing. I have a proven track record of creating compelling marketing strategies to develop brand awareness, and I am skilled at designing engaging and interactive digital content that incorporates multiple media types.

I am a quick learner who adapts easily to new technologies, and my creativity and problem-solving skills enable me to quickly adjust design concepts to meet changing requirements and to come up with innovative solutions to design challenges.

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Work Experience

Operatio Marketing

About Company

My responsibility

My Role: Senior Web & Digital Designer

Operatio Marketing is a Toronto-based digital marketing agency with a focus on the operations of each and every client we take on. By focusing on the physical operations, we are able to better understand your company as a whole, and in-turn, better able to understand your digital marketing needs and goals.

Apr 2021 - Present

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• Executed visual design requirements from concept to final hand-off.

• Conceptualized original website designs that prioritize simplicity and user-friendliness.
• Created wireframes, storyboards, user flows, process flows, and site maps to communicate design ideas.
• Established and promoted design guidelines, best practices, and standards.
• Designed and managed the production of interactive online content, including email templates, social media graphics, promotional artwork, and informative e-books.
• Provided design advice and guidance for campaigns, projects, and promotional events.

Strategy Up

About Company

My responsibility

My Role: Digital Marketing Manager

Strategy Up Improve operational efficiency through technology. It connects with global partners, offering focused support and expertise. Strategy Up advises on strategy, marketing, operations, and digital transformation. With a unique approach to change management, help clients overcome challenges and achieve results.

Apr 2019 - Mar 2021

• Created marketing strategies across print, media, and digital formats to enhance brand awareness.

• Managed digital touchpoints for all products and services, including websites, social media pages, and mobile apps.

• Oversaw the redesign of the company website and other related projects. • Conducted market research to identify innovative solutions and stay ahead of competitors.

• Developed and designed communication materials like presentations, newsletters, event support materials, research papers, and brochures with precision and creativity.

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About Company

My responsibility

My Role: Product Designer

RSG Located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, was founded in 2011. RSGL have high reputation in the market. At present, the company's independent brand SEACOO has become reputational and leads the market with a sales growth rate of 30% per year.

Jul 2017 - Mar 2019

  • Established design requirements based on briefs from internal teams and external partners.

  • Designed and developed creative and responsive WordPress-based websites and landing pages.

  • Identified usability issues in various website sections and provided user-friendly mock-ups.

  • Managed and implemented brand identity design.

  • Designed brochures, posters, banners, folders, booklets, and other creative materials for diverse clients.

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“I believe that successful digital marketing is a harmonious fusion of compelling visuals, persuasive storytelling, and seamless user experiences.”

Some of my works

My Design Porcess

As a designer, my design process involves understanding the project requirements, conducting research, generating concepts, creating prototypes, refining visual aesthetics, and presenting the final design to clients. It is a dynamic journey that combines creativity, research, iteration, and collaboration with clients.


Identify the problem


Researching it in-depth


Ideating possible solutions, then
Evaluating and selecting a promising solution


Testing & Improving & Releasing

Understanding the client's needs and objectives is crucial to me. This step involves asking the right questions and gathering information about the client's target audience, competition, and goals.

After identifying the problem, it's time for me to conduct thorough research into the client's industry, market trends, and design styles. This stage also involves analyzing the client's brand identity, including their visual style, tone, and messaging.

Based on my research, I ideate possible solutions and develop design concepts. I explore different design directions and experiment with various colors, typography, and layout options. This is the stage where creativity and innovation are key. Once the design ideas have been generated, it's important to evaluate them against the client's objectives and choose the best solution to move forward with. This involves careful consideration of factors such as usability, visual appeal, and brand consistency.

I test the prototype and troubleshoot any issues that arise. This could involve conducting user testing, reviewing analytics data, or working with developers to ensure the design is technically sound. Based on the testing and feedback, I make improvements to the design. Finally, I deliver the final product to the client. This could involve working with developers to ensure a smooth launch or providing design assets to the client for use in their own marketing efforts.



I design with vision,
create with purpose.

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