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Berlinger Haus - Professional Precision For Top Results


BH is a European cookware designer and manufacturer with the aim of revolutionizing the way Americans think about cooking. We achieve this by offering high-quality yet affordably-priced kitchenware products. Berlinger Haus desired to extend their updated brand to a new website, targeting customers in the United States and Canada.


As the lead designer on this project, my role was to create a new e-commerce platform that aligns the brand's values with the emotions and interests of its audience. The outcome was a seamless experience that embraces the uniqueness and personality of their products through honest storytelling.

My Role

Art direction, website UI&UX design, branding guideline, social media design, ads creation


  1. Design a brand-new e-commerce website that aligns the brand values with the emotions and interests of the target audience.

  2. Utilize the improved user experience of the new website to drive traffic, engage prospects, generate leads, and re-engage existing customers.

  3. Implement a new digital marketing strategy, creating various types of social media ads (awareness, consideration, conversion) to enhance qualified traffic and boost sales.


Main business objectives of the design: 

First, create a branding guideline, a set of rules that define the overall look and feel of their brand, ensuring a unique brand identity that their audience can recognize across all platforms. Establish a powerful visual language that can be consistently used and owned across packaging, websites, social media, sales materials, in-person interactions, and any other relevant contexts.

Next, design a responsive e-commerce website that offers customers a personalized experience, helping them find their ideal products. Increase relevant traffic. The new website will be integrated with digital advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, brand reputation management, to foster friendly interactions with customers, ultimately boosting sales.

Branding Guideline

After multiple explorations and iterations, I successfully created a design system that cohesively and consistently exists in each section of the website. The branding guidelines for this website were designed to guide the visual aspects of the entire site and also serve as a reference and standard for other visual-related designs, such as emails and social media posts. 


Design Analysis

After going through a full brand refresh, they needed a new website that would incorporate dynamic video, fresh images, and rich information about their products.

As a first step, the original BH website was expertly analyzed to identify any pain points in the customer journey. What I found that needs improvement or change are as follows:

  1. We need to create a clearer section to display all their product categories.

  2. Add sections that talk about their stories and USP (Unique Selling Propositions) while ensuring they remain consistently visible on all pages of the site.

  3. Additionally, incorporate validations and reviews. Enhance the user experience on product pages and the shopping cart page, as these areas have the potential to significantly impact their conversion rate.

  4. The original BH website has a low mobile conversion rate (based on Hotjar data). Therefore, during the redesign, I need to focus on improving the user experience for their mobile version.

Rough Sketch


USP Identify

Frame 11.png

Website Design


Digital Marketing Campaign

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